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Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines before submitting a post:

Type 1 (500 – 600 words):

This type of article must be short and should fulfill a specific need of the dementia community; such as provide the latest news, shed light on the latest research or development in the field of mental health. We allow a single do-follow link to your desired site in the bio section.

Type 2 (Above 800 words):

This type of article should cover a topic in detail. We encourage writers to add new facts, studies and researches in their guest posts. We allow one do-follow link to your desired site in the body of the article.

Important Notes:

  1. Content must be original, well-written, and not published anywhere else. Our experienced editorial staff will proof it for its uniqueness and quality. Please note that all articles are run through a plagiarism software before being published on our website/ blog.
  2. Dementiatalk.net reserves the right to edit prior to publishing. Edits may include removal of images, changes in the title, reformatting, removal of irrelevant links etc.
  3. Our community is interested in Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain training, mental fitness, nutrition, neuroscience, and mental health related posts. We reserve the right to reject articles if they don’t fulfill our quality standards.
  4. Posts should not contain commercial links.
  5. We don’t remunerate guest writers for their articles.

How to get started?

You can email your guest posts to dementiatalkblog[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line Guest Post: [Blog title]. Due to the high influx of guest posts, our editorial team usually takes 2-3 weeks to review and publish articles.