Smart – Brain Games & Logic Puzzles: App Review


Almost everyone wants to boost their brainpower, whether it is to perform better at work or at school. But, instead of stressing out about it, you should try to improve your psychological well-being. According to Tracy Dennis, Ph.D, professor of psychology at Hunter College, one of the most prevalent health problems in today’s world are stress and anxiety.

This is why, many developers are working with certified doctors to create brain training apps that can help increase cognitive function. Many research support the fact that brain training apps can help promote mental wellbeing because they have specially designed activities that improve psychological functioning.

Today we are going to review one such app, known as Smart – Brain Games & Logic Puzzles which is specially formulated to train and develop your brain skills. Let us take a look at some of the features of this app that can help you decide whether to download it or not.

What is Smart – Brain Games & Logic Puzzles?

Smart is a brain training app that consists of over 28 uniquely designed brain games. These games and puzzles are an excellent source of mental exercise that can help you improve your memory, IQ and reasoning skills. Each game has over 600 levels, so you won’t be bored anytime soon.

How does Smart work?

Smart, like most of the other brain training apps, is based on the concept of neuroplasticity. Brain plasticity or neuroplasticity, literally means that the brain has an ability to change itself as long as we are alive. Hence, if you challenge your brain every day, it will definitely improve itself.

Smart provides you a platform to exercise your brain the proper way. It has a variety of games and colors that use colors, numbers, shapes and speed to target specific areas of your brain.


Smart has over 28 games with 600 levels that are one minute long and suitable for people of all age groups! This app can be a great source of entertainment for every person in the family. The interface is simple and user-friendly, so both, kids and adults alike enjoy using it.

Some of the games that we enjoyed playing the most were the speed games, where a school of fish has to save itself from bigger fishes. Another interesting game was shape comparison, where the player has to choose between various views of the same shape. Symmetry puzzles and number games are also a great way to flex those brain muscles.

You are rewarded with stars and points after each successful game. Each win will help you unlock the next level and you can play till you reach the 600th level. You can share your scores on social media to stay motivated and also compete with your friends and family in a healthy way. It also offers a ‘play offline’ mode which is great for times when an internet access is not readily available.


Smart – Brain Games & Logic Puzzles is a free app and can be installed by both iOS and Android devices. There are some in app purchases that range from $1-$6, but you can still enjoy and benefit from this app without spending a single penny.

Who is it for?

The wide variety of puzzles and games in Smart make it a perfect choice. And people who want to try out different brain training app without spending a fortune can really enjoy this app. It’s free, easy to use and fun for people of all ages. Not only is it a source of entertainment, but is also an excellent way to enhance mental skills.


Smart – Brain Games & Logic Puzzles has an excellent rating on app stores. Most of the users, including us, were satisfied with the performance of this app. Even though the app is free, it doesn’t have a lot of annoying pop-up ads and runs smoothly. The games are excellently designed that challenge you without them getting boring.

All in all, Smart is an app that really helps you become smart! So, download now and try it out for yourself.