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NeuroNation – The Psyche Escapade

There are various reasons for wanting to boost brainpower; maybe, you want to do better at school, or focus at work, or perhaps just be sharp in general. However, maintaining psychological well-being is just as important.

According to the professor at Hunter College, Tracy Dennis, Ph.D. “Stress and anxiety are among the most pressing and far-reaching public health problems we face.” Mental changes affect every aspect of our lives including work, educational productivity, community involvement, physical health and overall sense of wellbeing.

These days, many brain-training apps aim to add the ‘smart’ in smartphone, guaranteeing better cognitive function with minimal daily use. Since this technology is still in its early stages of development, studies related to it are mixed. But a 2012 systematic review analysed 151 computerized training studies, published between 1984 and 2011, and found that certain training activities had a significant effect on brain function, working memory and processing speed. In short, playing computer games for a few minutes every day can literally change your mind.

Brain training games are becoming rapidly popular across generations as a tool to prevent mental decline and improve important skills. Amongst the many website and apps dedicated to brain training, there is one called NeuroNation – the brainchild of Rojahn Ahmadi and Jakob Futorjanski.

Their company, Synaptikon GmbH, was founded in 2008, and its  training programme was launched in 2011. The game sets itself apart with a variety of exercises carefully organized into personal training programmes created to boost performance in multiple areas of cognition.

How it works

Based on the areas of cognition it targets, NeuroNation divides the content into categories, taking the guesswork out of selecting the right games. For example, the ‘language’ category focuses on expanding your vocabulary, improving articulation and strengthening the memory.

Between the five main categories, NeuroNation provides more than 60 games to choose from. The variety of challenges keeps the players interested and motivated to return for daily training sessions.

Who is it for?

Coupled with insight from research on psychology, human behaviour and gamification mechanics, Synaptikon GmbH created a product that has successfully reached millions of users who enjoy games that help them train their brains.

An amazon reviewer, Minerva Garcia, says, ‘It helps me to think fast’ The exercises are a great brain stimulus and the increased difficulty based upon one’s ability is truly commendable.


Setting up an account on NeuroNation requires a few basic steps. Users start by adding in their chosen username and answering a series of questions to clarify which areas of brain training they find the most important. They are given a quick test run, once the questions are completed, through three of NeuroNation’s exercises.

NeuroNation creates a personalised training plan with a series of daily exercises, using a combination of your answers and training results. The activities are designed to strengthen particular areas of the brain in which you desire improvement. This plan can be accessed through your account at any time.

Once you sign up, you can immediately start with limited free training or upgrade to a premium account. NeuroNation allows users to work on concentration, intelligence, memory and more by picking single exercises or going through special ‘courses’ where games are organized in a targeted manner. Depending on the option you choose, training will be approached in altering methods.

The game:

Structure is an important part of any brain training game. To improve in a certain discipline, you must know which exercises are suitable for focusing on a particular trait. To help in this, NeuroNation app’s brain training activities are distributed into categories dedicated to different areas of cognition:

  • Memory strengthens the ability to retrieve and store information


  • Perception focuses on processing information and sensory accuracy
  • Language targets memory, enhances articulation and vocabulary


  • Numeracy uses timed tests to increase the speed of mental calculations
  • Reasoning improves the ability to recognize relationships between objects

Progress reports usually include a ‘brain score’ which are generated each day, showing how far you have come.

NeuroNation makes sure its training programme does not become monotonous for users, by offering over 60 exercises in five different categories. It’s easy to keep up with the daily commitment to brain games if the activities are engaging and varied.
Additional features:

Starting with a free membership, NeuroNation grants users the access to eight of the basic web exercises and six on the app. To utilize the entire package of training games and make full use of all NeuroNation’s app and web features, you can also sign up for a paid membership.

Premium packages can be bought monthly or in one or two-year blocks. You can also pay a one-time fee for a lifetime access if you find the training routine stimulating enough.

With almost eight times the exercises of the free membership, paid sign-ups provide a wider range of mental piquancy to keep you on track and focused for constant cognitive improvements.

The difficult levels of the games increase and you go up. The more you play, the more difficult the exercises become as you ‘level up’ to new challenges. This prepares the users for more complex tasks in real life, enabling them to tackle the unexpected in both professional and personal realms.


In 2015, NeuroNation was labelled as one of Google’s best apps. It is easily available on iOS and Android devices free of cost.


The app itself is downloaded for free, yet users can unlock the entire content by purchasing a subscription. A NeuroNation Premium Membership lasts for 3 months to 12 months; costing 14.99 EUR at the minimum.


Intelligence is not an innate characteristic. The NeuroNation app aims to keep your brain sharp, ensuring that you reach your fullest potential. Whether you want to improve your memory or have a better attention span, this mobile programme is there to help you achieve that. Give it a go and start training your mind today!