App Review – Mind Tricks Questions

mind trick

Most people exercise every day to keep their bodies fit and active, but very few of us make mental well being a priority. Usually, cognitive health is taken very lightly, and people assume that work related research and reading the newspaper are enough to keep our brains up and running.

However, according to a study, the human brain reaches it performance peak in the 20s and gradually begins to decline after that. So, if you have crossed your twenties, you should start stimulating your mind to strengthen your cognitive health. Researchers claim that ample mental stimulation can make you smarter and create a positive change in the human brain. Luckily, by playing mental fitness and brain training games, you can improve the neuro plasticity of your brain, keeping mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. Brain training apps are all the rage nowadays and many neuro scientists have hopped on board with the developers to create games that provide great results.

However, finding a good one amongst the plethora of brain training apps available online is a difficult and time-consuming activity.  This is why, today we are reviewing one of the most interesting brain training apps available on app stores known as Mind Tricks Questions. As the name suggests, this app claims to improve your brain function and cognitive skills by asking you tricky questions. Read further to find out more interesting features of this app.

What is Mind Tricks Questions?

Mind Trick Questions is a brain-training app that can help improve various areas of your cognitive health by answering specially designed trick questions. The riddles are designed to improve your long term and short-term memory, accuracy, aptitude, calculation skills and much more. And the best part about this app is that people of all age groups can benefit from it.

How does Mind Tricks Questions work?

According to a research, riddles and brainteasing questions can stimulate our brain to create new neural networks (healthy brain cells) at a very rapid speed. The more neural networks your brain creates, the better it will perform. The neural pathways are constantly trying to connect and reconnect in an infinite number of ways, trying to come up with an optimal solution for the given problem. This is why, a simple riddle can trigger your brain to form a million neural connections that stimulate reasoning and help you come up with more logical solutions.

Apart from creating neural pathways, solving riddles also stimulates the part of our brain that is related to ‘logical reasoning’. When you solve a riddle that is based on tangible and time bounded problems, our mind looks for a solution that is logical. For this reason, solving riddles regularly can help the brain to form a more logical approach towards life, enabling us to take better decisions in real-life scenarios.

Logical stimulation is one the greatest benefits that this app has to offer. Not only will you start seeing situations in a different light, but you will also step away from obsolete methods of solving problems that you might have picked out of habit.

Riddles and brainteasers

There are over 150 brain teasing questions in this app and each one is specifically tailored to exercise a certain skill within your brain. So, you are first required to solve a brainteaser and if you answer it correctly, you will automatically move on to the next question. Each correct answer earns you points; and if you are unable to answer a riddle, there is a ‘show answer’ button that you can press to reveal the correct answer.

Some riddles are based on common sense, in which the player has to come up with an answer based on logic and reasoning. Other questions are based on quick mathematical problems that can help the player to improve their mental calculation skills. Some of the riddles are quite funny and will leave you in fits of laughter.

Each brainteaser in this app is unique and helps to stimulate your brain in a fun and challenging way. All the riddles are available online and you can play it on your mobile phone or tablets without an active internet connection. You can also play it as a family game, where one family member read the question out loud and others try to answer it in the best possible way. It is a great way to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones. You can also share the riddles on social media and ask your friends online to try to solve them.


The basic version of Mind Tricks Questions is free. That means, you can keep on answering the riddles without spending a penny!

Who is it for?

Most of the brain training apps in the market are expensive; thus, Mind Tricks Questions is ideal for people who want to improve their cognitive skills on a budget. Moreover, this app is suitable for all age groups, so the whole family can enjoy it together, both young and old alike.


Mind Tricks Questions is an excellent brain-training app that can improve your logic and reasoning abilities drastically. Each question is carefully designed to stimulate the growth of new neurons (healthy brain cells) and improve your problem-solving skills. So, if you are looking for a free app that can help you train your brain, then Mind Tricks Questions is a great choice! Try it out, and you will find yourself addicted to the brainteasers.