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DementiaTalk is an all-inclusive platform that apprises it’s readers about the recent advancements in the field of brain science with independent, evidence-based information, news and reviews. Whether it’s the latest research that intrigues you or it’s ground breaking discoveries that catch your eye; DementiaTalk​ offers it all!

We provide you daily highlights pertaining to the most recent occurrences and upcoming events in the brain fitness market along with occasional commentary by our expert panel. Our resource repository is full of informative articles related to all facets of brain health aimed at improving the quality of life of our readers.

Moreover, in line with our aim, DementiaTalk​ publishes multiple articles each day that dig deep into latest researches and publications to unveil the implications that they hold for patients, practitioners and policy makers alike. We also offer down to earth how-to posts that help you  maintain a healthy lifestyle and sustain your mental vigor for years to come.

We are especially proud of our panel of contributors that comprises of experts in the field of clinical practice, treatment and research and put forth thorough and multidimensional posts related to all aspects of brain health.

DementiaTalk​ also features exclusive guest posts by aspiring authors so that you always find something new and stirring to inspire your thoughts. Moreover, the purpose behind DementiaTalk​ is to provide it’s readers with a holistic and reliable source of information and guidance related to brain health and therefore all published material is completely unbiased and research backed and is not influenced by external factors or interests. It is for this reason that all publications on our blog are either the result of the collective input of our panel of contributors or is carefully scrutinized in order to remove any objectivity.

Developments in the field of brain science are occurring at a rapid pace where we see countless self-care equipment and medicines entering the market every day. Therefore, DementiaTalk​ presents its coveted Reviews section which entails detailed inspection and evaluation of these medications and self-care gadgets by our team of experts to dig out the ones that truly add value to your life.

Your input is always welcome at DementiaTalk​ which is devoted to cultivating a community of health conscious individuals who are equipped with all the information they need to fortify, nurture and improve their own as well as their family’s mental health.